SQL Query - Assets without a Tag

I have been at this all day and tried various things from this forum; I’m just not finding what I need.

My V.P. has tasked me with tagging all Rapid7 Assets with a Custom Tag, Location Tag and Owner Tag.

I have this query working and getting me the Assets that have an Owner assigned to them.

SELECT da.ip_address AS “IP Address”, da.host_name as “Host Name”, dt.tag_name as “Tag Name”
FROM dim_tag_asset dta
JOIN dim_asset da ON da.asset_id = dta.asset_id
JOIN dim_tag dt ON dt.tag_id = dta.tag_id
WHERE dt.tag_type = ‘OWNER’
ORDER BY da.host_name ASC

Where I am getting stuck is that I want to query for assets that do not have an owner assigned and that field is blank.

Any help is appreciated,

Hey, I think this question was answered in your other post here:

Thanks John! I think I had some subtle differences in the two questions, however at the end of the day, the query you posted in the other post solves the problem that I was struggling with!

Many thanks!