SQL Plugin creating multiple sessions for each query inside a loop and none getting closed

Within a workflow, I have a for loop and I am running an sql query in the loop. So, for each of this query in the loop, the SQL plugin is opening new sessions. Ideally, a single workflow should use a single connection and this connection should be used for all of the queries within the workflow and at the end of the workflow, the session should be closed.

For example, I have a workflow that uses for loop and within the for loop, I have 2 SQL queries. Now, if I run this workflow, it opens 20 connections to the database and none gets closed. So ultimately, I am maxing out the number of connections to the database and not able to connect to the database anymore.

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Thanks for the feedback!

This is a known issue. We’ve got code ready to fix it, but are still running QA on it to verify it works. You should see an update that fixes this very soon.


Hi @joey_mcadams

Is there any update on ETA of the release?

Checking…(The team that’s working on this one is in Europe, I’m not sure if they’re still online or not).

ETA is end of the day. Don’t quote me on that, there might be blockers or other issues that come up, but it will be soon for sure.

Thanks for the update, looking forward.

@bimodh_jo_mathew 3.0.1 got released addressing the open connection issue! Rapid7 Extensions

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Tested the updated plugin, working like a charm…

Thanks folks… !!!


Glad to hear it Bimodh!