SNMPv3 - No contextName field for shared credentials

Hi all,
Hope all is well.

I’m currently trying to work out as to why SNMPv3 authenticated scans are failing / test credentials are failing, despite having the correct auth & privacy creds provided.
I seem to have narrowed this down to the requirement of a “contextname,” that’s missing in the GUI configuration.

Some SNMP devices, such as HP printers have a hardcoded contextname which cannot be removed. As a result, all authentication’s are failed due to no contextname being provided from IVM.

I have simulated an SNMPv3 agent on a VM and disabled the contextname field within the simulated agent = Shared credentials are a success. However, the moment I enable the contextname on the simulated agent, authentication’s are failing.

It appears this isn’t solely a R7 issue, as competitors have had the same SNMPv3 field omitting from their GUI.

Has anyone got a work around or can provide further insights as to how to authenticate the SNMPv3 during scans if there’s no option for providing the contextname?


I have an enhancement request on this very thing. Quite disappointing. We have to carry and risk accept a number of snmp vulnerabilities only because we can’t use an authenticated scan. I’m really hoping this gets resolved some point here in the near future.