SMTP Setup

Where do I put my SMTP credentials to email reports? Any documentation on how to setup SMTP on InsightVM? Tried using the oem.xml file but no luck. We have our InsightVM and ScanEngine hosted in Azure.

Hey @david_perkins – Did you go through the setup process here?

Hope this helps!

@david_perkins, if the help in the documentation does not get you what you need, you may need to set up a local mail server as a relay to your authenticated host. Are you running your console on Windows or Linux?

Yes. Followed the Configuration URL Redirection process. Created the oem.xml file since one did not exist. Placed the file in /nfc/conf directory and after restarting the application, we were still unable to email reports.

@tyler_schmidtke, We are running the console on linux. Documentation did not get us what we need. We are also 100% in the cloud.

Okay great. Since the console itself doesn’t provide the capability to add authentication as part of the SMTP server configuration, what I have done in the past is set up a Postfix server as a relay that will handle authentication to the SMTP server. The console can then be configured to send mail through localhost, which will be relayed by Postfix to your SMTP server. I believe that this tutorial should still be relevant for the configuration steps. You would just need to replace the Mailgun steps with the information for your authenticated SMTP server.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for sharing those info. But we use office365 for our emails (migrated off Exchange long ago) how do we achieve the SMTP relay config? It’s very important and happens to be the ONLY challenge before we are live on Insight VM.

Appreciate your help here!


We’ve struggled for months trying to get email to work with O365…have given up tbh. I find it a bit ironic a security tool only allows unauthenticated email server connections!

I asked on an R7 roadmap call last week when this will be resolved…was advised when everything is migrated to cloud and off of and onprem / nexpose infrastructure. doh.

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Hi @joshua_uyamasi,

Here’s a guide for setting a postfix relay for O365. I haven’t tested this, but after a quick review I think it could do the trick. If you are using another distribution of Linux, the installation steps for Postfix might be slightly different, but the configuration should be similar.

Essentially you are configuring the Postfix server to authenticate to the O365 SMTP server on behalf of its clients, in this case your InsightVM Console. It’s important to ensure that Postfix is configured to only listen on localhost so that no other hosts in your environment could use it to send unauthenticated mail. Any mail sent from the Postfix service would be sent as the user account configured in the /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd so you could set up an account specifically for the InsightVM server.

Here is an update according to Rapid7

While this feature isn’t currently supported in InsightVM, it’s a great candidate for an enhancement request. For this reason, I’ve changed the case status to “Closed - Enhancement Request Filed”.

Rapid7 Product Management regularly reviews enhancement requests from our customers and periodically provides feedback on some ideas. Not every enhancement request is technically feasible, suitable for all customers, or consistent with the experience Rapid7 aims to deliver. Because of this, Rapid7 makes no commitment to implement enhancement requests.

Thanks Tyler,

But we don’t use Linux/Unix platform. we had a Microsoft Exchange server few years back, now migrated off to O365. How do i achieve the SMTP setup based on this? I was stunned to notice that we are not able to execute the setup via the InsightIVM console (Glabal settings pages) the configurable parameters are very limited. things link Protocol name, port etc…

How do we proceed?

@joshua_uyamasi, I spoke with a Rapid7 tech yesterday and the feature that we are all looking for is not currently supported for InsightVM. I’m waiting on Rapid7 support to provide more information on if/when this feature will be available and their suggestions on how to proceed.

@joshua_uyamasi, unfortunately I can’t say that I have experience with a solution for Windows servers. I believe that a similar workaround could be set up using the IIS SMTP Server; however, this isn’t something that I have tried before.

Hi David,

May I know how is this going along so far? Does Rapid7 get back to you if they made improvements on this?