Small UI Suggestion - Artifacts Icon

I noticed on the Jobs panel that all the Artifacts had the same icon image
It would be nice if there were either a few options like (:information_source:, :warning:, :exclamation:) or even just the ability to use any of the standard Unicode characters that are already being used in the Markdown?


More customization is always nice. Would the goal here be to help differentiate some of the artifacts from each other/other steps in the workflow?

Exactly! I use these emojis in my titles and body to help differentiate Artifacts that are Informational Enrichments verses ones that an analyst needs to consider, these are used during Human Decisions where automatic logic is not confidant enough to take an action one way or the other.
I’m a visual person so almost all my Artifacts and Steps have emojis in them to help explain why things are happening.

An example of one that would have an :information_source:
Information about the user like Title, their manager, ect.

An example of one that would have an :warning:
When a user changed their password if it was shortly before an alert.

An example of one that would have an :exclamation:
Most likely not in a human decision, but when looking back at an automatically processed Job to see the reason an action was taken like disabling a user or changing their password

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That’s super helpful! I’m going to put in an idea for this and use your examples, since I think they make it clear how the icon can be useful.