Slack Plugin output keeps showing up as empty

I keep trying to use the output from Get Slack User using the chatops plugin and then use it in another step.

this field

{{[“Get Slack User”].[email]}} keeps showing up as empty.

I had to put this in an artifact to then use it in a new message. That worked but then itself was empty the next step along the line! and the {{[“Get Slack User”].[email]}} was still empty…

Hey @hayden_redd, just so I’m not assuming anything are you using the Look Up User by Email action that is part of the Slack Integration or the User Lookup action?

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Lookup User By Email.

I am also noticing that another workflow the same thing happens. Just trying to post a message with a variable that is not empty is now empty in the message every time… smh

Does the user have their e-mail address tied to their Slack profile?

For example, in one of my profiles, I do not have an e-mail address assigned (attached). The profile only shows my name and the time. While in other Slack workspaces, they show e-mail address in addition to those things.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 2.10.35 PM

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that could be it. But also it is weird how a non empty string from a previous step, such as in an artifact, etc, can be empty in a slack message when called {variable-is-not-null}.