Site Cannot Be Deleted

It seems I made a typo when setting up a site. Instead of defining an IP range of (xx.xx.xx.xx) for the scan, I put in (xx.xy.xx.xx). We ended up with a site with about 14k assets (discovery scan only) and I want to delete the site completely.
The problem is, every time I try, I get this error:

“An unexpected error occured see the nsc.log file for more information”

I understand other scans running can interfere, there are no scans running on either of the sites we’ve setup. Checking the log, I can see this error that seems to be related to my delete request:

“2022-12-13T16:39:16 [ERROR] [Thread: http-possiblySensitiveCencored=/data/site/delete] Unexpected error occurred exporting AssetEvent event for SiloID null and AssetID XXXXX

The windows server the VM is installed on seems to be fine, there’s no thrashing or lack of cpu/ram/disk space.

Has anyone else run into this? I thought it might just need time after the delete request, but 24 hours, a reboot of the server, a 2nd delete attempt, and several more hours don’t seem to have helped any.

Is the scan still in progress or any scans that use that site?

There’s no scan in progress as far as I can tell. The only 2 sites we have show the scans completed:

Are there any assets in the site that are in the exclude list?

Or Dynamic Asset Groups that use the site by site name?

There are no Asset Groups that reference the site by name.
There are no exclusions in the site’s scanning either.

I’m looking around at past cases from other customers, the exclusion idea fixed one customer. Another customer restarted their service after the delete and it cleared it. Another customer deleted all the assets and it let them delete the site. Sometimes it can take time to process the delete request, aka the service restart usually helps facilitate that. One customer deleted all the assets but one in the scope, and all scan schedules and authentication and it worked. Also check the global exclude option from the Administration page → Global Settings → Exclude Assets.

If none of this works might want to go to Administration page → Diagnostics → Send Support which will get your logs to the support team and get in a support case.

In nearly all the cases the customer asked to close the case within a couple of days of submitting it. It might just take some time to fully delete. I know you already waiting 24 hours, but might want to give it a little more time to see if it clears up. Sites have a bunch of hooks into the database so they could get hung up on other tasks and can definitely take a while to delete sometimes.

Thanks for the advice Landon. I’ve reset the service, double checked the global exclusions, and will work on clearing out a lot of these assets.

I’ll update here if the issue resolves itself after all that. Thanks for the ideas.

Hey, some combination of restarting the service, and manually deleting all the assets from the site, seems to have done the trick!

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.