Siemens S7

Our Siemens S7 controllers always fail when scanning the device with the “Full audit without Web Spider” template. In my opinion, this is due to the scan of port TCP 102, which the SPS uses for communication.

Does anyone know this problem?

I would now first try to exclude the port from the scan.

I’m not familiar with that exact port but it is common for some ports to be used exclusively by some products. For example the Zebra label makers use port 515 and 6101 which will cause them to start erroneously printing labels.

You’re right on the approach though, I would try to break out those devices into a separate asset group and scan them with a template that excludes that port TCP 102.

We have the same issue with our Phone systems rebooting during the scan. I have put in port exclusions during the scan but they still seem to reboot.
Wondering how you were able to solve your problem apart from making IP or MAC address based exclusions?