Shared scan credential user locking out during vulnerability scanning

Any new updates on user getting locked on vulnerability scanning? This has been a known issue but no fix yet released.

Hey @Adrian, scan credentials - especially shared scan credentials - are something our support team can provide better assistance for you as they are usually impacted by environmental setup and other activity. I would recommend opening up a case with our Customer Support team so they can set up some time to work with you to identify what might be locking out the account(s):

Also, keep in mind that it is not too uncommon to have a global scan credential that is being used - possibly with an old password - which could be causing the issues. Or, there is always the chance a password is rotated without being updated prior to scanning or after updates to a domain credential it doesn’t sync completely to your entire domain. Support should be able to help you out a bit to get scanning and so you can hopefully avoid this in the future.

Thanks Zac, I tried my luck here cause support ticket is in progress for a while (2months), in the engineering queue. :slight_smile:

I was able to track down the case and it appears you and our support team did some investigating and did identify authentication failures that appeared to “resolve” with a syslog service restart. Did you have a chance to follow up with your Sys Admins to look into the system logs?

I’m going to reach out to your CSM to let them know this is still something that is causing problems for you.

Yes, that was applicable to Linux assets. But there is a current known issue (by Rapid7) related to Windows account locking out during vulnerabilities scan. We have an opened ticket for this. Thank you