Set new Default Dashboard

Hi there. We are new to using Rapid7 and I have been working on creating dashboards for various departments to show them the things that they need to look at when they login to Rapid7. Is it possible for users to set one of the dashboards that I build for them as their Default Dashboard? From what I can tell the stock default dashboard always loads when they login to Rapid7 and then they have to go to the drop down and search for the dashboard that I built to open it. We would like for this dashboard to be the first thing they see when they login

Not possible to set a dashboard as being the default one, for any user, not even the user who created that dashboard.
This is a feature I already requested to Rapid7.
My understanding is that Rapid7 is quite busy with enhancing the cloud console / dashboard features.
But we do not know what will come, and when.