ServiceNow Trigger and Requests

I was looking at the ServiceNow Plugin and didn’t see a Trigger for new Incidents only if the Field on one changed. Is it possible to add new Incidents?

Also, are there any plans to add other ticket types like Requests to this plugin?

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I’ve brought up the trigger idea to the team so we can look into that a little more and see about adding it to the plugin. :+1:

For requests - would you be able to use the Create CI action that’s currently in the plugin? That action has you specify the table and JSON, so if there is a requests table then that’d allow you to do it without another separate action.

Thank you for the trigger.
I’ll have to play around with the Requests, I’m new to their API so I need to understand it first.
We are still in our DEV instance of SNOW so this is a good time for me to figure this out.

Is this for InsightVM service now plugin or the servernow connection from Remediation projects?

InsightConnect ServiceNow Plugin.

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The ServiceNow plugin is independent of InsightVM and is used in InsightConnect to automate various operations with your own ServiceNow instance. If you look at the documentation Brandon linked, you can see some of the options you have (creating/updating/deleting incidents and CI’s, etc.)

Cool will check it out, What is the difference between this and the ServerNow connection from the Remediation project?

When it comes to ServiceNow in remediation projects, my understanding is that you can define rule sets to automate the creation of tickets based on your data in InsightVM.

With InsightConnect, you can use the ServiceNow plugin in customized workflows that you create to automate your team’s manual processes. And “customized workflows” means you get to define what triggers the workflow and what actions that workflow performs, based on all the tools that we integrate with (ServiceNow being one of them).

One example is our workflow here. This workflow automates the creation of solution-based tickets in ServiceNow based on the top 25 remediations in InsightVM. We have another here that allows you to create ServiceNow incidents from Slack, which can help if your team heavily collaborates there and wants to minimize jumping between tools. Those are just a couple examples, and there’s a lot you can do with it.

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Hey @brandon_mcclure @aramesh_aramesh yesterday we pushed out a ServiceNow “incidents created” trigger, check it out here: Rapid7 Extensions and let me know if you have any questions!