ServiceNow Ticketing Integration Issues

One of the great features of InsightVM that we have yet to use but have just started trying to utilize was the integration with ServiceNow for ticketing. Unfortunately, when I tried to create the connection between the two platforms, I was having an issue pulling ServiceNow users into InsightVM to assign InsightVM tickets to them. I eventually put in a ticket to InsightVM support, and they told me that this is a known issue, and it has been brought up to Insight developers. I asked when there will be a fix and the support technician who is working on the ticket could not give me answer. Anyone experiencing this same issue and have heard any more details regarding it?

We gave up on the InsightVM/ServiceNow integration a couple years ago and haven’t actually regretted it. Automating ticket creation wasn’t the bottleneck, it’s deploying the fixes. So instead we do analysis and manually create a ticket corresponding to the work that needs to be done. Maybe you have 2000 workstations with a vulnerability - do you really want 2000 tickets to process? Or would you rather deploy the fix on the 80% that work with the scalable software deployment system and then determine root cause on the remaining 20%?

Given that we never got the integration working, maybe it does something really nifty to consolidate the tickets into meaningful work, and we just never had the ability to try it out. It was disappointing that the advertised feature did not function as we expected, but by the time support asked us to recreate the problem, we’d moved on.

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