ServiceNow Plugin


I was wondering how everyone felt about this integration with ServiceNow?
We’re trying to determine if its worth the purchase and I was curious if someone would be willing to talk about their experiences, the labor involved, the good bad and use cases.

Are you referring to the InsightVM integration with ServiceNow, or the InsightConnect ServiceNow plugin? Folks can potentially provide some more insight here if we know which one you’re referring to.

Either? I’m not sure what the difference is so I’m curious about both of them.

The InsightVM-ServiceNow integration is included in the InsightVM license and doesn’t need to be purchased separately. With the integration, you can easily connect your vulnerability management with your ServiceNow to automatically create tickets for remediation tasks.

Quite new is that you now can also integrate with the ServiceNow CMDB:

With InsightConnect you can create custom workflows using 300+ plugins in 3rd party products (including ServiceNow). This is a separate InsightPlatform module and needs to be licensed by workflow or as an add-on to your InsightVM license. This enables you to use product APIs like the ServiceNow API without having to write the code yourself as you can just use the pre-built plugins and actions.

So the InsightVM integration solves one (or with the CMDB integration two) specific use-cases, while you have more flexibility with InsightConnect and can also include other products (e.g. send a Slack/Teams message after you created a ticket).

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