Servicenow New York

I have a customer that is moving to using Servicenow New York with their InsightVM API integration and they wanted to make sure there are no technical challenges with the current InsightVM v4 integration when doing so.

@tyler_sheridan Rapid7 has a handful of ways to integrate with ServiceNow. Is the integration in question through Remediation Projects, the ServiceNow CMDB App, or the ServiceNow SecOps App?

The most common integration method - through Remediation Projects - integrates with standard ServiceNow incidents and it has been tested against New York and more recently Orlando as well.

This would be in regards to the Servicenow SecOps integration with InsightVM. Has this also been tested against New York?

Yes, the SecOps based integration is compatible with Madrid, New York, and Orlando and is actively maintained. The listing with past versions and supported ServiceNow versions can be found here.