ServiceNow CMDB Integration

Hey Folks,

I am wondering if any other insightvm customers have successfully integrated the Service Now CMDB with their solution? I seem to be having some trouble when setting up jobs that run with no results.

Is their a way I can validate that the insightvm console can communicate with service now? Also, what log source do i need to look at for diagnostic purposes ?


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I’m less familiar with this particular integration, but according to the docs you need to ensure you have a ServiceNow MID server configured in the same network region as your InsightVM console. That’s one potential source of connectivity issues. You could also double check that you have the required roles configured.

If those all look good, you could check that you have created the InsightVM discovery source in ServiceNow, which is also required for assets to be imported/updated.

We’ve got a troubleshooting guide that mentions you can check under the Diagnostics module to see the logs and a couple other components to help figure out what might be going on.