Servers experiencing problems during a scan

I am new to the community and I was wondering if you guys have had a problem with an asset at the time of a scan. Example: abrupt reboot of assets, outage.

In the time that I have been managing Nexpose, I have had 2 big outage with 2 assets, in different periods of time, in two different environments. The only similarity is that both are HITACHI Storage Servers HUS 100 series.
At the moment we are investigating the root cause of this incident, since the scan executed was performed without credentials and without the Web Spidering option enabled.

Do you know of other types of assets that you should avoid when scanning?

Hi Eugenio,

I have previously heard of issues with printers on networks however I am not sure about HITACHI Storage Servers in particular. There are many systems that scanners can affect due to the nature of scanning if any of those machines do not handle the packets correctly it can cause issues. Unfortunately there is no way to get an exhaustive list as different versions of the software on the device could be updated to handle the traffic or even break it’s handling of the traffic.

There is some information still available which may provide some additional context to help you get started reviewing the sort of traffic, starting with discovery scans to then get more intensive on the systems that can handle it. Please find the information at the following link: Scanning FAQs

Some systems may handle an agent based scan better as the agent will be installed on the target machine providing the insight into that asset. However the agent is only supported on certain operating systems so these particular storage servers may take a bit of tailoring of their scan template and separation from the rest of your scan ranges as they seem to be a bit more fragile and require some additional tailoring and care.

Hope this helps!