Scanning Issue

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Looking for some help regarding a scanning issue. Particularly looking at Workstation hosts sometimes when they are scanned they include the domain name and sometimes they don’t which means there two distinctly different assets created in insightVM. Other than the agent are there any other ways around this issue to get consistent data results.

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An agent or scanning credential is really the best path as we would then correlate using the Unique ID and not the hostname.

There is also the process of Hostname blacklisting that could work as well, but I would focus on the credentials as the primary path. If you go with the correlation blacklists, there is a correlation folder in the config folder that is in the …/rapid7/nexpose/nsc folder. Inside this folder it will have files for hostname, mac address and IP address, within the files there are instructions on how to set them up.


Hi @landon_dalke

We are having credential success on hosts that present this issue to us.

For example
IP Hostname Credential Status Scan Date
x.x.x.x Credential Success 11/22/2020

x.x.x.x xyz Credential Success 11/23/2020

This will create two unique assets in our environment even though they are the same host.

Will blacklisting xyz always cause the console to choose

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