Scanning for Outdated Linux Operating Systems

Hey guys,

Bossman gave me a project of scanning our Linux Servers regularly so that when they go out-of-date or EOL, we’d know.

I know the ‘Discovery’ Template would get the asset’s name and OS, but will it get it again the next scan that happens? Also is there functionality to alert us if an OS is out-of-date?

I am currently a little lost on how I should be able to do this and would love some insight on the best steps. Any tips are helpful.

Hey, you’re best bet would be to run authenticated scans against the linux servers. This can be accomplished either from placing an insight agent on the server OR having authentication credentials for the servers and using the “Full Audit without Web Spider” template.

If the OS fingerprinted is EOL it will be reported as a vulnerability. To make it easier you can specifically create Tags and/or Asset Groups based on the Vulnerability Category of Obsolete OS.