Scan result in to CSV format


Someone can help me with the option to download the scan result in to CSV format which will help for analysis, filter with specific vulnerability etc…

Are you looking for the results of a specific scan, or the vulnerabilities on the Asset?
I would think the vulnerabilities on the Asset which there is an option to download as a CSV at the bottom of that list, or you can generate a report on that Asset and include the proof and remediation steps, or you can create a remediation project that list the resolution steps needed and how many vulnerabilities that can resolve with a trackable SLA (this would be my suggestion)

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When using the Query Builder in IVM, the Export to CSV button will put the current table on display into a CSV file. In the attached example, the Vulnerabities table will be put into a CSV file and downloaded.

Use the Manage Columns part to add or remove Columns that will be in the CSV file downloaded.

The data displayed in the Query Builder is the latest scan results.

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