Scan Duration for Completed Assets

When running a scan the completed assets table shows a column called “Scan Duration” with a value for each asset. I assumed this was showing the time taken to scan each asset, but I’ve been watching my scans quite closely lately and noticed the the value changes up and down as the page refreshes (surprising given these are the “completed” assets).

The values are different between scan as you’d expect, but within each scan every asset is showing the same scan time, and that’s different to the time shown under “Total Elapsed Scan Time”.

Is this normal or just me? Does anyone know what this value actually means?

PS I have a support case open about some scan issues and just noticed this. Have asked support as a side question, but I can’t say I’ve noticed this before so wondering if it’s new or I just didn’t notice.

I have the same and it doesn’t make sense to me. Every asset is showing the same scan time, no matter if it has authenticated correctly or not. I would expect the time to vary between assets but its not, at least within one scan.

Thanks for confirming Quo. I’ll follow this up with support and reply back with their response.