Scan assitant on Linux

Hello Team
I am in the process of implementing scan assystent on devices. It wants to use it instead of regular credentials.
And as on devices with OS windows it works flawlessly, but when authenticating on Linux I get the error “No Credentials Supplied”.
Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem

Are you running a discovery scan or a vulnerability scan?

I’ve seen issues where the GUI will show as “No credentials supplied” but in reality the scan log will show as SUPPLIED_SUCCESS for the credentials. It’s easiest to know if it actually worked on a vulnerability scan because it would have found the vulnerabilities.

This is a vulenrability scan.
In the log it shows NO_CREDS_SUPPLIED, so something is wrong, but I don’t really know what, because the same key as for windows has been implemented. When I run one scan for the two assets windows and linux, windows authenticates correctly and linux doesn’t even try, at least that’s what the logs show. There are not even any false logins.
I have asked the administrators once again to check the correct entry of scan assistant on this device.

check to make sure the service is running on the linux asset, also ensure nothing is blocking port 21047 on that asset

Good point, according to the logs port 21047 is not enabled, I have forwarded this to the administrators and we will see if it works properly after opening the port. However, in the installation process on Linux systems there is nothing mentioned about opening port 21047, I think it is worth it to be included there.

Thats a good point, I just reviewed the steps for the Linux installer and it doesn’t mention the same steps that the Windows Installer does like adding the port to the scan templates and creating the credential. I guess it was assumed to reference the windows installer which I can see is confusing. I’ll take it internally to try and update the docs for that page.

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