Scan Assistant 1.2.5 Vulnerabilities


We are new to rap 7 InsightVM, we use Scan Assistant. Now after the first scan, we see a lot vulnerabilities on Scan Assistant 1.2.5 and the solution is to update to a newer Version. But there is no newer version i can find anywhere. Only in the Documentation i find links to the Scan Assistant Setup files, but they are all old.
After a long search, i saw that in the insight VM release notes:

Nov 17, 20236.6.228

## Fixed

*** The packaged version of the Scan Assistant (1.2.7) introduced in product version 6.6.224 has been reverted to version 1.2.5, due to a bug in the auto-update process that caused the Scan Assistant to uninstall from assets.**

This is very confusing for new persons like me. Maybe it would be better, that the problem with this new version is wirtten in the dokumentation. It would also be nice, if somewhere is a note how keep e scan assistant up to date, also it is done automatically in the background.

Anyway, is there a plan when a new version should released of scan assistant?

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We have the same problem and the auto update from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7 via template also does not seem to work.

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Ditto on the non-updating update.

I also would love to see a table somewhere that lists all the scan assistant versions like we have with the agent versions.

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Same issue, auto-update doesn’t work, rapid7 support doesn’t give a solution

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We had this issue as well. Support communicated to us that there will be a new release “soon,” but that’s as much as we have at the moment.


I found out here: Using the Scan Assistant | InsightVM Documentation that Rapid7 released Scan Assistant 1.3.3 for Windows and for Linux deb 1.3.2. Are there somewhere releasenotes were this release was announced? Here i did nothing found: InsightVM Release Notes.

happy updating

The update from 1.2.5 to newer version via template is not working

Has anyone gotten the upgrade to work through a scan? I see that scan assistant v1.3.3 is out for Windows, but my machines won’t update to it when I click the box in the scan template to update scan assistant.