Scan asset with its public IP

is it possible to scan a machine from its public address?
If yes, how ?
the objective is to have a view from the outside.
i have both of InsightVM and AppSec .

@ephrem_ocansey it is certainly possible to scan public facing; however, scan engine routing is handled at the OS layer so will depend on how that is configured. After reaching out to our specialists, another thing to think about is how any internal proxies, routing, etc will play a role. Their recommendation for a true outside/in perspective for scanning public facing devices is to use an externally hosted scan engine that is focused on scanning your perimeter.

Hi @zyoutz
thank you for your reply.
as I understand it, Rapid 7 doesn’t have a public scan engine that customers can use when needed?

@ephrem_ocansey InsightAppsec does provide a cloud engine to perform scanning without the need to deploy and on-premise engine. A bit more detail can be found here.

As for InsightVM, we do offer a hosted scan engine; however, it does depend on your licensing which your CSM should be able to help you out with. There are also no limits on the number of scan engines you install so you could also spin up a VM in AWS, GCP, Azure, etc to install the scan engine and perform public facing scanning.

Hope this helps!