SAP Audit Logs


I am wondering if anyone has attempted to get SAP audit logs into InsightIDR. The SAP audit logs (.AUD) are a strange beast. No new-lines or carriage returns, 200 character entries, some sort of UTF16 format. I am sure there is a way to bring them into NXLOG, break them down into individual lines and then parse out some fields based on fixed width or similar. If anyone has attempted this before or something close (single line log files) some input would be appreciated before I start this from scratch.

Hi @ian_lee !

Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately SAP is one of those Event Sources that do not come often enough for us, so, nothing official on our roadmap at this point.

As far as trying alternative methods, you say they are single line logs with ~200 characters? and per your comment I would say that those segments are consecutive or is there any sort of limiter between them?

I would recommend 2 things, the first would be to dump those logs into a txt file in a collector (I’d say linux) and then create an event source to tail a file.

The second involves a couple more things, cause I’d suggest a bash script perhaps to transform the log file from option 1 into something readable fo IDR.

Let me know if this was helpful.


Thanks Felipe. As you inferred they are all consecutive with no delimiter. There is a fairly simple regex statement that does apply to the beginning of all entries though.

I have started working with NXLog to see if it can always grab the last 200 chars on an edit however the log files can get pretty long (still one single line) so performance might get questionable.

If that doesn’t work I’ll look at scripting something as you mentioned. Ideally I get these log entries in real time but pulling the log file at the end of the day and running it through a script to rip it into individual lines and potentially grab some fields out of it would be ok as well.

Sounds good Ian. Please let us know how it goes. :smiley: