Running an Orchestrator in AWS, CentOS is a dying OS, what's next?

With CentOS going away, what’s the plan for provisioning orchestrators in the cloud once CentOS AMIs are deprecated? Ideally, R7 would publish an orchestrator AMI, or provide build scripts for Debian :slight_smile:

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Hi @matt_domko_deprecated, thanks for reaching out about this. We are certainly looking into what other operating systems we are hoping to support for the future - Ubuntu/Debian likely high on the list :wink: . For the time being, CentOS 7 doesn’t reach EOL until June 30, 2024 and we will certainly have a plan prior to then!

Out of curiosity, would you rather have a Rapid7 provided orchestrator as an AMI or a script/installer based process for the OS of your preference? Can’t promise anything but would love to know your thoughts!

Hands down, AMI would be the preference. :slight_smile:


Would rather have the Rapid7 provided Orchestrator. I just feel more secure that everything from the underlying OS to the Orchestrator app have been tested.