Run the "collector" in a Docker Container?

Hello everyone,

we were thinking to install our rapid7 collector in a docker container.

Do we have to pay special attention to something if we install it in a container? Is it ok if we run it in a container?

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Hi @ocoscia I think you’ll find this useful InsightIDR Collector as a Docker Container

Hello David, it only says that he built a container but not if it’s going well or else if i’m not wrong

Hi @ocoscia !
Despite of the fact that it is not officially supported it is running fine in my Testlab.
I didn’t get much feedback yet (which can be a good sign) but I know that some colleagues and customers are using my image.

If you want to build it on your own there are some things to consider as the collector is not really designed for use in a container so for example, you need to prevent it from starting directly after the installation (Step 8).
But I documented all my steps on GitHub as well.

I would say give it a try and please let me know if you run into trouble with my image.