Run network discovery scan from 6pm to 7am daily

Hi all,

I need to create a Site to run network discovery scan from 6pm to 7am daily.
How do I configure blackout for this Site ?


Should be possible to achieve what you want by configuring a daily scan to start at 18:01 and having it run for slightly less than 13 hours:


The Scan Blackout documentation warns:

Each scan takes approximately 30 seconds to shut down, and the scans shut down sequentially. There will be network activity at the beginning of the blackout period while the scans shut down. If you are creating a blackout period because you cannot have network activity during a certain time period, set the blackout to begin earlier to allow for all the scans to shut down.

You should also be able to configure a blackout period which starts at 06:55 and runs for 11 hours and 5 minutes:


This setup should mean that your desired blackout period is always respected, and you use almost all of the non-blackout period for scanning, with a grace period of 1 minute at the start of the scan window and ~6 minutes at the end. You might need to adjust these values for your particular use case.

You may want to adjust the Reaches Duration setting, depending on how far your scan gets each night:


If your scan easily completes each night, then you can benefit from a complete scan each night with “restart the scan from the beginning”; otherwise, you will likely find you get more complete ongoing coverage by continuing the scan from where it previously stopped the night before.

Others may be able to confirm, correct, or extend my suggestions.

One thing to bear in mind is time zones; if your scan engine and your assets aren’t all in the same time zone, and the blackout period is 07:00-18:00 local time, then you may need to configure more than one site with appropriate time zone settings to account for this.

Mucho thank you Adam Barnett !! Really appreciate this.

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Thanks @endlessknot. Hope it’s useful. I’d be interested to know how you get on.

Hi @dreadpir8robots

I scheduled this for tonight and will update you tmrw.

Since scan wont complete in one night, I changed this.

Thanks again !!

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Hi @dreadpir8robots

The Network Discovery Scan finished in 40 seconds. It was too fast. It scanned 342 IPs in less than a minute.

See alert:


Site name: _Network Discovery - Branches

Stopped by: N/A

Total Scan Time: 40 seconds

I will continue to monitor it tonight.


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That does seem very fast. Is that number of IPs about what you’d expect?


Hi Adam,

I need to run Discovery Scan on week nights 7pm to 5am.

I need to run Vulnerability Scan every Weekend from Sat 8pm to Sunday 5am.

Please send me the settings.