Rhel Linux File Descriptor Limit

I’m checking to see if anyone has ran into this problem before or have any recommendations.

We’re running RHEL 7.9 for three of our collectors, and we’re constantly running into issues on two collectors the file descriptor would hit 65,000+ and hang. The other RHEL 7.9 collector’s file descriptor floats around 600+ and it will constantly close file descriptors as they’re done. The other 2 collectors’ file descriptor would rise in a constant rate until it hits the limit.

Actions we’ve done so far:
-Whenever the descriptors hits its limit we would need to restart the collector service to reset the file descriptors
-Engaged Rapid 7 support but no definite solution yet(been a few months)
-Now we’re stopping the most chatty event sources to see if it’s overloading the collector(CPU and Memory aren’t even over 50%)