Reusing workflows in Insight Connect

Is there a way to reuse a workflow as part of another workflow?

You can trigger a Workflow from a Workflow, but there isn’t a way to include a reusable Workflow as a step.
I have thought that it would be nice if this was possible and have it show up like a loop with predefined inputs and outputs with version management just like Plugins in regard to updates. These would need to be a specialized Workflow type and licensing would be an interesting consideration.

You can use an HTTP call to an API trigger to make this work, but we don’t recommend it as it’s possible to create an infinite WF loop.

Also, this is on our roadmap for new features. We’re hoping to have this in soon (sorry I can’t be more specific than soon.)

Any updates on this guys?

Hey @khinar_thukral, we’re currently working on a feature that will allow you to save a workflow or part of a workflow as a “snippet” that you’d be able to use across workflows and manage from a central location. In this way, you could easily maintain and reuse processes across workflows. Does this solve your use case?