Retiring Orchestrator

I still have the orchestrator that was used during our POC.
The actual server has been decommissioned for some time, but I’ve been having issues removing it.
I made sure that I deleted all connections that were on it, but it still will not let me delete it.
I know none of my active Workflows are not using it, but I’m sure I have some disabled Workflows using it. Any way that I could identify these?

Are there any jobs that still think they’re running for that orchestrator?

Not running, but definitely Successes and Failures.

alright, just wanted to check because I had a similar situation where scheduled activities continued to run on a dead orchestrator for a while before the workflow was disabled and I had to go through and delete all of the jobs before it would let me remove the orchestrator.

Unfortunately there’s nothing that I know of on your end that you could do when an orchestrator is stuck like that to force delete it from the platform. The API doesn’t have any endpoints for orch management unfortunately. I assume your best bet would be to open a support ticket.

If you can open a support case Brandon that would be great. Once it is open we can look internally how to assist. If you let me know when it is created I can make sure it is routed properly. Thanks in advance, and sorry that you are having to deal with this.

Thank you, 04560147

Thank you Brandon. I shared this with our team. I will get back to you when I know more.

If you didn’t find the answer, the fun part is that you have to remove every workflow before you can delete it, then recreate your workflows. You can export them and import them, but you’ll have to re-setup connections on import… it is such a pain.

How do I know this? I went through the same exercise with my 50-ish workflows just a few months ago…


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Support was able to help me find the corporate.
I got it deleted, but I don’t remember what it was

So they were able to get yours deleted without having to delete all your workflows and recreate? :thinking:

I think they gave me a list of either Workflows or the step in the workflow.
All I remember is it was pretty strait forward for me to resolve.
It was a while ago so my memory is foggy