Responding to Jobs Just Got Easier!

We understand that when it comes to security every second counts, and working in InsightConnect is no different so we are always looking for ways to allow security teams to be more efficient and make every second count!

With that being said, we are excited to announce Job Previews to help you easily see your artifacts without having to leave the context of your jobs listings.

This will allow you to

  • Quickly navigate from one job preview to the next
  • Determine if you need to dive deeper into a specific job
  • Allow you to rapidly assess priority

This new view will allow you to see your artifacts while still being able to navigate to the full job page if you need to. Keep an eye out for updates where you will be able to make decisions and view failed steps without leaving the preview. Let us know what you think!


We are also happy to announce that we have updated Job Previews to now include Human Decisions as well as Failed Steps!


Is there any way that you can also add the ability to assign a Job from that window?
We do leverage the ownership on a human decision and take ownership of Failures so others know that they have been seen and reviewed. We then filter our queue by unclaimed Jobs to see new failures. I am also open to any other idea on how to mark failures as “Reviewed”

Thanks for the feedback, Brandon. We should be able to add the “Assign to Me” functionality to the Job Preview within the next couple of weeks!

Loving the “Assign This Job to Me” button on the Jobs Page!!!