Request a Quick Action!

Quick actions was built off the knowledge that automation is critical when it comes to gathering data or taking action when necessary, and this type of automation should be available to you in context and on demand.

We’d love to hear from you! What Quick Actions would improve your productivity? What processes could be expedited by on demand automation? What technologies would you like to see represented? Are there other capabilities that you’ve been dreaming of? :mega::thought_balloon:

We’ve continued to expand Quick Actions using your feedback, and most recently we now have the ability to release more Quick Actions that might require multiple inputs to execute! Our latest updates include:

  • Configure a Quick Action to create Jira tickets on demand from any page within InsightConnect or InsightIDR.
  • Enrich IP Addresses with GreyNoise data from any page within InsightConnect or InsightIDR with a free API key from GreyNoise.

Comment below with all of your Quick Action requests!

P.S. Keep an eye out soon for Quick Actions to be available elsewhere in the platform such as within InsightVM!! :eyes::shushing_face:

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@claire_hogan Submit file hash to Palo Alto Wildfire, Submit URL to Palo Alto Wildfire

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