Report Help!

We are aware that we can obtain the CSV Report for current vulnerabilities for specific sites or asset groups. However, we require something very specific, and we need assistance with it.

For example, suppose we have 100 servers and we need a report on how many critical and severe vulnerabilities were remediated in January Month, as well as how many new critical and severe vulnerabilities emerged during that month.

Is that something we can able to do via any reports or SQL Query.

Despite extensive research utilizing SQL and CSV reports, we have been unable to find the correct method to obtain the aforementioned information.

Please help and advise.

Hi, Do any of the example queries here help?

There may be not be anything to get exactly what you want, but i usually find just having a look at some of them gives enough to be able then create your own report.

Trying to build the exact report.
What we found is that below SQL Qeury may help that.

– Data Warehouse
– This will simply count the number of critical and severe vulns remediated within a range of time (assuming supported by data retention settings)
– Copy the SQL query below

select count (vrd.vulnerability_id)
from fact_asset_vulnerability_remediation_date vrd
join fact_asset_vulnerability_finding_date vfd
using (vulnerability_id)
where between ‘2020-08-21’ and ‘2020-08-29’ AND
vfd.critical_vulnerabilities = ‘1’ or
vfd.severe_vulnerabilities = ‘1’

But, this is not getting executed in the SQL Report Section and showing “fact_asset_vulnerability_remediation_date vrd” is not present.

Please adivse.

Unless you’ve setup a Data Warehouse, you won’t be able to use the reports under the Data Warehouse section and will need to use examples from the sql-query-export section.