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I am trying to set up reports, and noticed there is no option to set the filename for when it downloads or during scheduled email. Right now the report are just called report.csv. I have to create several of these reports using SQL queries. And would like to have the reports names what they are names in the console or something other than report.csv. I tried looking around at the documentation. I dont see any information on it, and wondering if I am missing it or its just not possible?



As far as I know, you can’t adjust this, but I wanted to say this has been a pain for me too.

[displaynameofreport].csv would be so much better.

Often I download the report and then step away for lunch, and forget which report is which. My downloads folder is dozens of reports with names like report (13).csv report (27).csv – not so useful.


It has definitely been suggested and I think there is a project on the list to have it updated

Thanks @john_hartman . How can we throw some weight behind this request? I can submit an IDEA or whatever is needed – these little usability fixes go a long way of making my day to day a little easier

That would be the thing to do. We take these customer requests and link them together towards the project itself. The more customer requests, typically the more weighted it is.

Ok good deal. My support portal doesn’t give me the option of submitting an IDEA against insightVM, but I submitted a support request and asked them to link it to a project/feature request.

anyone else that is looking for this should do so as well!

hey all, i put in a ticket and the support person said they attached my ticket to IDEA-1455, which is the feature request they already had in their queue for better file names.

@aguentert , @lthompson , and anyone looking for this feature, put in a support request and reference that IDEA-1455 if you want to get some eyes on this.

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I requested this exact same pain point and enhancement/feature request on 7/26/2019. I haven’t seen many enhancements or improvements on the reporting side, for this request or anything else, and don’t think there’s any priority for enhancing/improving/developing the reporting within the Security Console.

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So to give you a quick background, over the last year or more there had been a big push for Cloud Native InsightVM so a lot of the Console features had been more or less put on the back burner. However now with our transfer of DivvyCloud to InsightCloudSec we have essentially changed gears and are keeping InsightVM separate. With that being said, a lot of focus is now being put back on InsightVM and the console features itself. There have been a handful of projects picking up steam recently. So while I’m not a developer and can’t speak to the speed or time frame of these projects but fingers crossed that this project starts gaining priority.

Hi, Eight months down the line and still no progress on this? Even something as simple as the date the report was run would be an improvement.
Bonnie Johnson
Information Security Officer

Hi Bonnie! While we don’t have this feature as generally available just yet, we do have early access available via a custom property on the security console. If you’re interested in applying this property our support team should be able to assist you if you reference this post :slight_smile: