Replace trigger for InsightConnect workflow

Is it possible to replace the workflow trigger type in an existing workflow?

Let’s say I start with a Timer trigger, but later decide I want to call the workflow from outside Insight Connect. How do I replace the Timer trigger with an API Trigger?

The trigger step is the only step where no Edit/Delete/Copy buttons show up when I hover over it. I’ve read the Triggers documentation page but I don’t see how to replace an existing trigger, except maybe by exporting the workflow, hacking the .icon file and then re-importing it, which I want to avoid.

Hi @dreadpir8robots! You should be able to just click on the trigger icon in the workflow builder to open the configuration menu. From there, just select previous in the menu until you are back at the trigger selection menu. You should then be able to select and configure your new trigger.

One note, anything later in the workflow that is referencing trigger outputs will need to be updated as well.

Let me know if that does not work for you!

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Gotcha @tyler_terenzoni - that works. I had to click < Previous three times to get back to the Trigger selection, but I can then replace the Trigger step with a different Trigger type as you suggest. It’s subjective for sure, but this wasn’t obvious to me, because I think this replacement method only applies to Trigger steps. Might be worth a quick paragraph in the documentation in case anyone else didn’t figure this out for themselves.

Thank you for this lightning-fast solution! :slight_smile:

Very fair feedback! I can put a note in with our documentation team to add a new section that outlines how to change a trigger.

Glad this was able to work for you.

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