Remove unused line from Dashboard Card

Is it possible to remove unused lines on a Dashboard Card?

I’ve created a query that filters vulnerabilities to only show Critical and Severe (Moderate has been removed). If I add a trend card to a dashboard using this query, it still shows a line for Moderate with all values at zero despite there being no Moderate values in the data. Is there a way to stop the moderate line from showing at all?


There is no way to edit the actual InsightVM cards themselves in the sense that you are referring to unfortunately.

As John said, no way to configure this in the tool, but if you just need to prepare cards temporarily for one time for screenshotting, there is an extremely hacky/ugly/heinous way to to this without opening photoshop:

in chrome
Right click the line in the chart
Inspect element
The HTML editor opens, should open with roughly the correct section of code where the line is drawn
start mousing over sections of code until you see the line highlighted
click the section of code → delete
you may have to do this for the dots as well

This obviously goes away when you refresh the page, but it can come in handy if you just need to do it a couple times a year to de-noise something for leadership or whatever

I was able to get mine to look like this in 30 seconds:


obv not a substitute for better and more configurable cards, but I figured I’d share as I’ve definitely done this before

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