Remediation Projects Timeline

Hey gang,

I would like to use the ITSM ServiceNow Ticketing connection with Remediation Projects. Perhaps this is a feature request or two now that I think about it.

  1. The feature request for adding a checkbox in the due date column for marking a project as ongoing , or continuous. This would eliminate the need for reminders when a project technically expires, but give us the visibility on how our platform owners are owning their stack and remediating vulnerabilities.

  2. Apologies if I missed this, but templates we can copy off of a current project and just change the asset// vulnerabilities?

We are in a position where we are able to get more granular with an existing migration project. All platforms are going through the assessment allowing us to get granular so we dont have to run into a problem of parsing out the contents of a ticket.

Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. If you feel I should generate an IDEA in the support portal - I can do that, too.

Thanks for your time everyone.


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Hey @jsturk! For #2, I believe you’re correct in that there’s not currently a way to copy existing projects to create a new one with different assets/vulns. Depending on your setup, dynamic projects could be a good way to account for things like scope of assets changing to avoid having to create a lot of static projects with specific conditions. But I know that’s going to be specific to you and your environment.

As for #1, that sounds like a valid case. If you don’t mind adding an IDEA for it, that’d be great! I can look into submitting one on our side as well, but sometimes the case is stronger when it’s feedback directly from folks like you who are using the product day in and day out. :slightly_smiling_face: