Remediation Projects in the Data Warehouse?

I know there is a big upcoming improvement for remediation projects and reporting coming up, But i was trying to pull some of the statistics from the Data Warehouse to show in an external app’s dashboard and I didn’t see them anywhere in there. Does anyone know if this is possible or if it will be coming?

There is currently nothing in the Data Warehouse Schema built around Remediation Projects. I think the main factor for this would be the fact that the Data Warehouse is pulling out analytics from the console and the remediation projects themselves exist in Exposure Analytics in the cloud. Remediation Projects are not an item that we sync down to the console.

Also I’m not sure if any update to the remediation projects would be pushed to the data warehouse. I know that we are moving towards a cloud native architecture though eventually which would inevitably come with a new API that I assume would interact with more of the cloud components.