Remediation projects are no longer updating with progress

Hi all,

Having a real big issue with our remediation projects not updating with progress at the moment.

This has never been an issue before and I am raising them in the same way as I have always been. It doesn’t matter if I use a static or dynamic project, they still dont update even if I can see that the vulnerability has been resolved. For example we had a Google Chrome vulnerability and on the project it still showed as 0% progress but when I go to the on prem console it was gone, these projects have been opened for days now.

I have contacted support but progress is very slow, was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about what may be happening, it’s like the queries are not working or the projects as a whole are broken.


Hi Jordan,

From previously working with some projects I had issues when I didn’t set the correct due date during setup. When a project goes past it’s due date it no longer updates any of the information. Not sure if this is your issue but it tripped me up before and it presented the same way.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 10.30.13

If it isn’t that it may be worth detailing out the settings you used during setting up the project just to rule out any unexpected behaviour due to a setting somewhere?

Kind regards,