Remediation Project integration with Service Now

For anyone that has used the Service Now integration with Remediation Projects, are you able to create any ticket types other than incidents (ie tasks, or requests, etc)?

I have not, but I thought about it and it made sense to me that it is an INC, even if the teams assigned them think otherwise.

Ya, I’m thinking that it isn’t possible, but the documentation doesn’t explicitly state this. I’m hoping I’m wrong and someone will chime in and say otherwise.

Just in case someone else comes looking, support did confirm that incidents are the only tickets possible at this time, however there is a feature request open for this (IDEA-6048 - Allow Additional Ticket Types for ServiceNow ticketing integration).


Yes, at this time it is limited. I have asked for this as well, but it makes sense for it being an incident with the remediation project. I am sure more flexibility is available if you have the service now module for vulnerability response or secops module.

Looking forward to that previously posted idear , though.