Remediation/Mitigation Dashboard and Report

I am struggling to find a report that will show me all remediations/mitigations with the ability to filter by a specific site(s).
Also, I tried using the dashboard called ‘Remediations Dashboard’, but I’m not able to add query filters to the cards for a specific site.
What am I missing, is there another way to produce a report for all remediated/mitigated vulnerabilities for a specified site?

Reports and the Data Warehouse come out of Nexpose, Remediation Projects are in InsightVM, I know that they were looking to improve reporting and combine the two.
For a dashboard, If you create a filter by site and save it, then you would load that into the dashboard and all the cards will be filtered by it. I don’t know of a way to filter a specific card, it is all or nothing.

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@brandon_mcclure created a query builder filter for a specific site seems pretty easy. But how would I attach that filter to the ‘Remediations Dashboard’ when loaded? I do not see a way to achieve this…

I figured it out, after copying dashboard and selecting Load Query, I was able to filter the dashboard for a specific site. Thanks.