Remediated vulnerabilities

I am trying to create a query / report that would give me the number of remediated vulnerabilities from 1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020 (for example).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to learn creating queries, but I am kind of stuck.

Thank you.

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I think this doc is a good place to get started with helping you write queries. It allows you to see the database tables and columns, so you know what data you actually have to work with.

Regarding your original question about remediated vulnerabilities - if you’re running the report against the console, it’s not going to have that info available. But we do have another option, which is the Data Warehouse. It’s basically an option for exporting your console data to an external warehouse to be able to access richer data.

So if you have the Data Warehouse setup, then you can get vulnerability remediation data. The two relevant tables for that are fact_asset_vulnerability_finding_remediation and fact_asset_vulnerability_remediation_date. You can see the schema for the Data Warehouse here (it’s a LOT of info, but if you scroll past the tangled web of tables, you’ll see all the tables listed individually and they’re much easier to read).

Also feel free to post any other query questions here as they come up. I know it can be tough getting started in that realm.

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Thank you, Holly…

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