Regex group question

Hi, I think this post relates to an explanation provided in this post from a couple years ago, but I can’t even get the example in the forum post to work and would appreciate some help.

I have an input string like this and I would like to retrieve the email address using an Advanced Regex step in an insightConnect workflow:


In regex101, this regex Recipients":[“(.*)”] returns a match and a group of:

Match 1: Recipients":[“”]
Group 1:

I can see both the same values returned in the Output of the step, but need to reference only the group.

I’ve tried various options to define a variable as described in the above post, but all result in an orange ‘error in the step’ warning.

Please could someone describe (and ideally explain!) what i need to enter into the regex field of the Advanced Regex step to just get the email address returned?


I’ve resolved this myself - this post got me there.

I’ve discovered the Advanced Regex plugin doesn’t work like this - by using the built-in Pattern Match step it works as described in both posted articles.