Regarding Rapid7 Plugins

we are using insightVM Rapid 7. I just want to know where the plugins are stored. is that possible to edit those plugins.

Hello Ravikumar, at this time most InsightConnect plugins, including the InsightVM plugin, are stored on disk in your InsightConnect orchestrator. We also offer around ~15 plugins that run entirely in the Rapid7 Cloud, these are hosted by us. We are actively working on expanding the number of Cloud Plugins that we offer. Cloud Plugins allow users to run plugins faster (cloud to cloud) and do not require any on-premise deployment making it easier for customers to adopt and use them.

Also, about editing: Over 250 of our plugins are open-source and available on Github. With our developer guides and tooling, you can edit them and import them as a Custom Plugin directly in InsightConnect, or contribute back by creating a PR…which after review, it will be released and available to all customers.

Report contains superseeded patches instead of cummulative. how can we overcome this.
supppose a system having adobe software with lower version then Rapid7 shows multiple vulnerabiliites on it. could you please help how to over come this problem