Raw data about an asset?

I have the following setup:

Discovery based on subnet → Asset Groups (based on OS / naming convention) → Scanning Sites based on Asset Groups → Reporting Asset Groups based on Site Membership.

I have several assets that are Win 10 enterprise. Their OS field shows what I would expect. But for some reason they’ve landed inside server sites and I can’t figure out why. I’ve also messed around with fresh asset filtering and found that while the OS field shows “Windows 10 Enterprise etc.”, looking for “OS contains server” still returns those assets.

Something appears to be “up” behind the scenes on some assets. I’m thinking I should just go ahead and delete the assets and let them show back up in the system and hopefully filter properly, but is there a way / a go-to report query that could show me the raw data about an asset? I’m wondering if a combination of OS changes or DHCP changes or something made the system think these assets were a server version at some point.