Rapid7 - Status Page https://status.rapid7.com/

So apparently there was an update that was pushed out last night, that was then rolled back out - due to this reporting Rapid7 collectors as offline.

There’s been some fall out from this within our estate - which I have raised a support request for - but it would be really good if R7 actually utilised their own Status Page.

We see many issues with R7 in general, and the majority of time, this is never advertised on the status page - resulting in raising a ticket.

If you are having issues, report it - call it out, list it on the Status page, im sure it will save your support teams a load of tickets.


Hi @perry_satchwell-cox,

Thank you for this feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience we caused. I will pass your feedback along to the rest of the product and support leadership teams. We will be more diligent in our communications when such issues are encountered and make a more concerted effort to be transparent. This is an active area that we are evolving right now so I hope we will do better the next time around.

Please keep the feedback coming. We always want to look to improve our customer experiences. Thank you again and have an awesome Friday!