Rapid7 Reports and Sites Ownership

I have several questions regarding R7 reports and sites ownership.

So, we have two users, who are no longer with the company, and we want to remove their accounts from Rapid7 platform. I will name them A & B.

A created a monthly report that automatically generates a pdf report every month, and A also created scheduled scans on several sites. However, when I go to Administrators → Shared Credentials, there seemed to not have any sign of A nor B being an admin, so A was the owner of the report because they created it. Another important point is that on the report that A created, you could not edit it because due to “report is generated for you on a monthly basis. On-demand generation or removal of this report is not supported.”

So, if I were to remove A from Rapid7, would that affect the scheduled scans and report that they created? If yes, how am I going to transfer the ownership, or at least inherit the stuffs that A created?


speaking on a whim here but have you tried duplicating the report and then check if that makes you the owner?

No, I have not. I guess I could create a new report that copies that exact scope of the original report, and that should be under my ownership.

yeah i think there is literally a duplicate report button. As for scheduled scans, as far as i know schedules are not tied to the creator so deleting the user would not affect the schedule.