Rapid7 not reply to my request for quote or information


I’m quite frustrated over Rapid7 not replying to my emails asking for the pricing of IDR. In addition, I submitted it on its website for a week but have yet to receive any reply.


It should be noted that I have been receiving emails from its system, including the trial, and frequent email subscriptions/updates.

Does any one experience the same thing?

Can I ask what email you’re sending these requests too? Each region should have it’s own AE that you can work with.

I’ve sent to the official emails “sales@rapid7.com” two times, forwarding the email to “info@rapid7.com” for one time.

Any support?

Hey, I reached out about this internally and it looks like there’s already a case opened for you and your team but it’s waiting for an AE to be assigned at the moment. I think there was some shuffling on the team. But rest assured an AE will be reaching out to you shortly through a separate email.

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Thanks for the useful information! Actually, I did not expect that a reply or an acknowledgment took too long like this. Btw, your reply is highly appreciated.

It has been more than one month since the trial of Rapid7 IDR and roughly two weeks since I’ve contacted Rapid7 for pricing, but I have yet to receive any correspondence from them. It’s quite unbelievable!

Hi @ntran_quoc,
can I ask which region you are in?


Hi, I’m from APAC region (Vietnam).

Hi @ntran_quoc I’m sorry, I was hoping I could help you in case you were in EMEA, I have no contact with Sales APAC.

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@ntran_quoc Please email me directly and I will make sure this gets to an Account Executive ASAP. Jerilyn_Kaye@rapid7.com

I was contacted by Rapid7 representative last week. Thanks so much!