Rapid7_insight_agent get agent details returns error if not found

The plugin to check the agent status of insight agents is returning error if it cannot find a machine that matches the search criteria.


Shouldn’t this return not found rather than an error?

Hello Bimodh. That is an excellent idea. I will submit an enhancement request for this plugin. In the meantime you may be able to utilize a workaround by building the logic into the workflow.

Select “Continue Workflow on Step Failure”

Add a Decision that checks for $success

Create your own messaging around the outcome of that check.

Awesome, that sounds like a temporary workaround and I was able to achieve it. Thank you @darrick_hall1 .

However, I do have few other challenges that I am facing.

The call that goes to the InsightIDR to check the agent status is taking so long. It took 5 minutes and 12 seconds to query 7 IP Addresses and get the status of the agents. (Plugin used - Rapid7 Insight Agent, Action used - Get Agent Details)

Now, in reality, we might have few hundreds to thousands of servers and as a result, this wouldn’t be scalable.

Is there a better way to do these checks? For example, get the complete list of agents from IDR into iCon (maybe every (x) hours) and perform the lookup locally?