Rapid7 Collector health

It would be nice to have more metrics on the Rapid7 Collector health, currently there is only memory and CPU usage, it would be nice to have details around network and disk drive utilization. I think this additional information would be helpful in evaluating the Rapid7 Collectors since the disk utilization or network utilization could cause problems.


I’d also like to see this in our dashboard.
Considering it won’t be an extreme request, it can be useful to the teams dealing with the on-prem collectors.

This should be submitted as a feature request. I like the idea too and possibly adding in trending data so you can see how the resources are being utilized over 24h or 7d.

Hey all - thanks for the feedback here. We actually do have an internal ticket to track adding the following metrics, but please let me know what other utilization metrics you’d like to see beyond these (the following may not help as much on the network side of things):

  1. The disk space available on the drive which the collector is installed.
  2. The disk space taking by the collector installation directory. E.g. /opt/rapid7/collector

I don’t have a target date right now, but as a part of planning for the next Collector uplift we’re discussing things exactly like this.

Metrics related to disk performance such as:
% Disk Write Time
Current Disk Queue Length
Disk Writes/sec
Split IO/sec

@mmarohn thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for but did not want to assume. (not sure why the discuss board marked my reply/question as a solution…)